Monday, February 10, 2020

Prairie Petals

Prairie Petals Pattern testing

Recently honored with the task of testing the Prairie Petals Quilt Pattern for Geraldine Wilkins of I downloaded the pattern, made my templates, chose my fabrics, and started to work.  My favorite pallet includes purple and teal.  With Geraldine’s permission to use fabrics from my stash I choose a selection, though not a set collection, these fabrics work well together, using the purple paisley as the main focus fabric.  The large 12” blocks made this quilt go fast.  This is my quilt top minus the final borders.  I’m thinking of enlarging the borders to make it a bit bigger.


                                  Thanks Geraldine for the opportunity to test this pattern for you.

The Prairie Petals Quilt Pattern features the awesome Island Batik Prairie Skies collection designed by Kathy Engle

You can see more about the Prairie Petals Quilt Pattern by checking out Geraldine Wilkins, Living Water Quilter, her Facebook pageHer Pinterest page or Instagram

Island Batik Prairie Skies Collection designed byKathy Engle

Amanda Herron was also a pattern tester for the Prairie Petals Quilt.  Check out her version on her blog at Heart Sing Handmade, her Facebook page or Instagram


Would you like to make your own Prairie Petals Quilt?

Prairie Skies

Write us a comment to Enter for a chance to win a Prairie Petals pattern and some Prairie Skies inspiration fabric here, and on Amanda’s blog and Geraldine’s blog.  The three of us are each giving away a pattern and a mini charm pack (26 squares) of Island Batik Prairie Skies.  US Residents ONLY and NOT affiliated with Instagram and/or Facebook.  Giveaway will close on Monday February 17, 2020.  Winner will be announced here.

My random winner is Sallyteachk !  Thanks for all of your kind comments and for participating in this, my first Blog Hop! 

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Life Happens!

Fast forward 3 months.  Sometimes life just happens!  I recently had a request for a special quilt to welcome a baby girl.  The timing was short, so I had to work quickly to meet the deadline.  This is what the finished product looked like.
Pretty in Pink!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Drafting The Framed Star

The Carousel Quilt Guild each year at Christmas chooses a focus fabric and gives a fat quarter to each member of the guild.  The members then are asked to make two 12.5" blocks including the focus fabric.  The names of those participating go into the pot with the lucky name drawn being the winner of all blocks.  The winner is then asked to have blocks assembled into a top by Christmas of the following year.  Fun times.  Fun quilts.

This year the request was made for blocks to be some type of star block.  With this in mind, I decided to try my hand at drafting a block.  Yesterday, with graph paper, ruler, and colored pencils in hand I set out to do just that.  Draft my own block.


The Framed Star

The math followed.  Needing my block to be 12.5" I had to determine how big to make my units.  Squares, Quarter Squares, Half Squares all require different math.  Some one color, some two colors and some three colors.  Some turned this way, some turned that way.  Wow... can I do this?  Will it work?

Taking shape

With fabrics chosen and units cut, the assembly begins.

The Framed Star

My first attempt at drafting my own block is deemed a success!!  I am well pleased with the outcome.  And it measures 12.5"!!  Perfect.  I might try this again.

Another Grandson in my future

November 2, 2019, was a very important day.  The day confirmed I am getting another Grandson.  Although Ryan and Taylor have been dating for a while.  I will let the pictures explain.  

 Ryan takes a knee

Here's the ring

The Happy Couple

Oh, yes!  She said Yes!!  Congratulations Ryan and Taylor!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness!  Yep, another grandson!!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Winter Arrives???

November 1, 2019 

and we are in the 30's down south.  That's cold for this mama.  I tip my hat to those of you who live where it really gets cold... I could never survive there!

This picture makes me remember warmer days.  I love how the bird is framed with a heart.  Some photography accidents are quiet lovely.  I'd love to say I planned it, but actually the heart was formed by an opening between the trees in the background.  Could I repeat?  Probably not!

Quilt Along with Dena

I recently participated in a Sew Along with Dena Wilkins, who is an Ambassador with Island Batik.  This project turned out great.  Dena's instructions and presentation was outstanding!  If you ever have a chance to participate in one of her classes, do it!!

Barrett's Baby Quilt

Simple squares.  Nothing fancy.
Just a straight line grid chosen for the quilting, but love how it makes it look!  

QuiltTalk Quilt

Some quilts, make that most quilts have a story that goes with them, often that story is never presented.  The year my mom died, I was a member of an internet quilting community called QuiltTalk.  The members of this community were from all corners of the earth.  Upon hearing that my mom had passed, a joint effort to present me with a comfort quilt was put into motion.  Members made a signed Friendship Star block.  These blocks were collected and assembled into a top.  Thinking that I would like to quilt this myself, the top, wool batting from Australia, and hand dyed fabric for the backing from Canada arrived at my house!  Totally shocked, I was extremely touched by the caring of this community of quilters.  I felt the love!  But this quilt did not get quilted for many years.  To make a long story short, today I sleep under the love of this quilt every night.  Thanks to my friend, Bridget Hill from Lexington, KY, this one was finally quilted.  Such a special quilt and story!

Another Quilt, Another Story

This quilt got it's start as part of another internet connection.  The same QuiltTalk community.  Several members decided to do a Row x Row Swap.  A theme was selected, mine was "garden", I made the first row of blocks, the heart blocks made with the focus fabric, a flowered print.  This row of blocks and additional focus fabric was then sent to the next person, who in turn made a row of blocks consistent with the garden theme and used some of the focus fabric.  And so it goes.  When the last person is done with their row, the whole package is then sent back to the original person.  
When I received all of the rows back, I proceeded to assemble rows into a top.  But it just didn't work.  I would get it out.... and put it up.  Just couldn't make myself complete it.  Then one day, like a light bulb moment, I took it all apart then reassembled only this time I added sashing and corner stones.  What a difference that made.  Now I absolutely loved this quilt!  Borders were added to grow it a bit.

My daughter, Karen, loved it as much as I did.  Today it resides with her.
Again, friend, Bridget Hill of Lexington, KY did an awesome job with the quilting.

The day has warmed a bit, think I'll go sew....  until next time!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Today is a new day

A new beginning, A new adventure, A new Blog!


I'm Marilyn Linton, a 74 y/o, Wife of 57 years, Mom to 3 adult daughters, Mamaw to 6 mostly adult grands.  I love my family very much and try to cater to their whims as much as I can.  I have always had a love of sewing!  Years ago it was sewing special one of a kind outfits, today it is brought into the area of quilts.  Many of the quilts you will see here are special one of a kind.  All the result of  Labor of Love!!  Besides quilts and family you might often see a bird or two, as well.  I love the birds that come to my back yard.

A Quilt for Graduation

Graduation is a special time.  This quilt, Missouri Star's Disappearing Hour Glass Block, made especially for this young lady, in her favorite color of tones of red, with it's very own transport bag!  A labor of love!!

Grandson, Chris, asked if a quilt could be built around a video game.  The brain starts to churn!  Unfortunately, Chris, was moving to a new city soon and received a Denim and Flannel Rag Quilt.  After all, it was winter and he needed something to keep him warm!

Denim and Flannel Rag Quilt

Meanwhile, Grandson, Patrick, and I continued churning the brains!!  He would show me items from the game and I would produce such item in fabric, thus, we answered the question Chris had posed earlier.  Yes!  A quilt can be built around a video game.

The Legend of Zelda Quilt

Another Labor of Love for a grandson who is loved so much, and is so proud of this quilt!  Truly One of a Kind quilt!!

Tee Shirt quilts, also known as memory quilts, always rank as one of a kind in my book.  Granddaughter, Taylor, brought her chosen shirts (which included one that belonged to her sister, Morgan) Oops!! (I didn't know this until after quilt was complete!)  and requested a quilt be made.  My very first tee shirt quilt.

Taylor's MSU Tee Shirt Quilt

Fabric and embroidery added where the quilt needed to grow.  Can you say die-hard Mississippi State fan?

Morgan's Tee Shirt Memories Quilt

As you can see, this one is much larger, incorporating many more shirts!  But I used extra pieces from the shirts to grow the quilt where it needed to grow.  This kept the colors flowing and didn't introduce anything new.  There are two rows that utilized the pocket logos!  This quilt was really fun to put together.  Another One of a Kind Labor of Love!

Quilt of Valor

Members of the Carousel Quilt Guild made blocks, then I took the blocks and assembled them into a quilt.  Members then placed names of veterans in a bowl with the name drawn to win the quilt.  This quilt was presented to a local veteran in recognition and honor of his service to our country.

Friends, Carla Bryant and Bridget Hill, and myself made this quilt of red, white and blue, especially for my hubby, a veteran.  This was presented as a surprise to him, he was very overwhelmed and is so proud of this quilt.  It hangs in our living room.  

Bernie's Quilt of Valor

Special and One of a Kind!  Thanks for your sacrifice and service, Bernie!!

So that's it for today.  A new beginning, a new blog.  See you again soon.